Farr Air Pollution Control

A full line of “HemiPleat” retrofit cartridges from Farr Air Pollution Control (APC) may be used to upgrade performance or solve problems of existing dust collector systems. The key to enhanced performance is a  pleating technology that opens up the pleats uniformly for more effective cleaning and better airflow. This filtration upgrade can greatly extend service life and reduce pressure drop compared to competitive dust collector cartridge filters. HemiPleat retrofit filters are available to fit virtually all leading brands of dust collectors that use cylindrical cartridges.

The Farr retrofit cartridges are made with the industry's most advanced pulse-cleaned media, the HemiPleat “PolyTech” media. This silicone-treated polyester/cellulose blend offers high moisture resistance and excellent filtration efficiency – 99.99% on 0.5 micron particles and larger (MERV 11/12). For demanding applications, Farr APC also offers an ultra-high efficiency PolyTech media (99.999 % or MERV 15/16 efficiency). Flame-retardant cartridges are available for increased fire risk applications, as well as carbon impregnated cartridges for static dissipation.