Plastic Pellet Screeners Offer Accurate Off-size Removal

Rotex Inc.'s plastic pellet screeners answer the needs of compounders seeking a competitively priced solution for the accurate removal of off-size material.

Rotex pellet screeners utilize a unique horizontal, gyratory/reciprocating motion, and an exclusive “dual velocity” drive with a positive displacement stroke, that is said to achieve unmatched removal of oversize and longs. The long stroke, gyratory motion — four times as long as vibratory screeners — spreads pellets evenly across the full width of the unit. The motion then stratifies the material for exceptionally efficient removal of fines and separation of oversize from the on-spec pellets. Good pellets are not removed with the oversize.

The motion contains no vertical component, so long pellets, “toothpicks” and “jackstraws” remain flat on the screen deck. They cannot upend or pass through the screen with the on-spec pellets, as they often do with vibratory screeners. For increased accuracy, a double pass option is available to screen pellets twice.

The reliable, low-maintenance “dual velocity” drive operates at lower speeds, reducing noise and wear on components, and minimizes vibration with a counter-weight drive.

The screeners are easily disassembled and reassembled for regular maintenance or for cleaning between batches and are portable and simple to move off-line.

With compact footprints and lower silhouettes than most other screening machines, the screeners have an installed height as low as 27 inches (69 centimeters). Mounting options include casters, kick-down legs or a stand.

When running longer batches without interruption for cleaning, unique variable frequency tappers can be added for additional control of screen blinding without the use of mesh cleaning balls. Optional stainless steel wire screens, perforated plates or a combination of the two can be installed to meet any separation requirement.

Rotex carries 1,500 PPH, 3,000 PPH and 5,000 PPH capacity models and offers pellet screeners for higher capacity screening up to 30,000 PPH with the same gyratory/reciprocating motion, accurate separation, compact design and installation configurations.

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