Sundyne Corporation

Sundyne Corp, a subsidiary of Hamilton Sundstrand, a unit of United Technologies Corp. announced new features for the Ansimag sealess magnetic drive, non-metallic line of pumps to increase reliability and improve environmental factors for the chemical processing and steel manufacturing industries.

Sundyne now manufactures the Fully Encapsulated Drive with new molding technology and materials to improve pump inner drive chemical resistance. The reengineered impeller design will increase the Ansimag K+ pump line's flexibility and reliability for the most demanding chemical process applications, according to the company. These magnetically driven impellers are less subject to corrosion and can handle extremely caustic chemicals and solvents in temperatures of up to 250°F (120°C).

Sundyne also improved the exterior of their Ansimag magnetic drive sealless pump line with powder coating making them virtually impossible to scratch, chip or expose the pump to corrosion. This significantly increases pump life even with exposure to the harshest chemical environments. Sundyne is backing up these improvements by doubling the industry standard warranty period and providing a two-year pump warranty for all Ansimag sealless magnetic drive, non-metallic pumps.

In addition to serving chemical and water processing industries with highly reliable and environmentally friendly sealless pumps, Sundyne also has a family of API process pumps, medium duty pumps, sanitary pumps, as well as high-speed compressors that fill a wide range of purposes, including hydrocarbon processing, power generation, food and chemical processing industries.

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