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Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd (PMSL), an industrial mechanical and process mixing optimization specialist, announced availability of the world's largest research and development lab for customers and contract facilities.

The R&D test lab facility is utilized to analyze and evaluate all mixing and process optimization solutions.  The PMSL R&D lab is staffed by four full-time professionals led by Dr. Wojciech Wyczalkowski, PMSL's director of technology. The 30,000-square-foot facility has specific areas dedicated to testing the unique demands in chemical processing, oil storage, energy and wastewater biological treatment applications.  The R&D lab is also capable of conducting full-scale destructive testing in a dedicated tank.

Designed for testing all mixing processes from beaker-size to scale-up tanks to true full-scale aeration testing in the 750,000 gallon indoor basin, the R&D lab is available to provide results of equipment upgrades, process improvements and comparative studies. All results and test data are shared with customers and analyzed with the application engineer staff to ensure the data is understood and all options are explored.

PMSL utilizes the latest in advanced technology, including computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modeling, particle image velocimetry (PIV) and finite element analysis (FEA) modeling. The results are computer recorded at the lab to view real-time data changes. All systems have built-in redundancy to ensure the testing is safe, reliable, and avoids costly re-tests.

Customers are encouraged to view the facility first-hand to gain a better understanding of the scope of testing possibilities at PMSL. By utilizing the facility to test process changes before putting them into service in the actual basins or mixing tanks, customers are capable of controlled testing of various changes in process characteristics and/or equipment. Customers are welcome to be present to view, in person, the true results of the changes. Sensitive and trade secret testing are protected under Mutual Secrecy Agreements.

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