Rotex, Inc.

Economic drivers and legislative initiatives for alternative energy are fueling a rising interest in ethanol production in the U.S. Rotex separation equipment is proving to be a critical piece of equipment for ethanol manufacturers.

When grain is first unloaded and enters the production process, it often contains foreign material such as rocks and other debris that must be removed. As an entry point in the process, Rotex grain cleaners, based on the size of these particles, separates those particles from the grain. This helps prevent impurities from entering the process assures quality and also protects equipment down stream.

The screeners also offer higher throughput and greater reliability than any other screener in the industry. The machines are said to be rugged and durable, built with heavy-duty features such as ceramic lining and wear resistant urethanes to withstand the abrasive quality of grain, rocks and grit.

Rotex offers a comprehensive product line of screeners to meet the unique needs of any ethanol production facility.

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