Fluke Corporation

Designed to provide a compact, lightweight, total pressure calibration solution for transmitters, gauges and switches, the Fluke 718 Pressure Calibrators feature a new design that protects the built-in pneumatic calibration pump from fluid contamination, allowing it to be serviced in the field for reduced service expense and overall cost of ownership.

Measuring less than 9 in. in length and weighing just over two pounds, the rugged Fluke 718 is now available in 1, 30, 100 and 300 psi models. It features pressure source and mA measurement to calibrate and maintain a wide range of pressure devices, mA accuracy of 0.015 percent for broad workload coverage, error percent calculation to support faster pass/fail determinations in the field, as well as switch test and Min/Max/Hold capability.

The Fluke 718 can also measure pressure using any of the 29 Fluke 700Pxx Pressure Modules to cover applications up to 10,000 psi. The Fluke 717 is a cost-effective family of pressure calibrators now available in 1, 30, 100, 300, 500, 1,000, 1,500, 3,000 and 5,000 psi models. The 717 family has been enhanced to include all the new electronic features of the Fluke 718 Pressure Calibrators.

List prices for the Fluke 718 Pressure Calibrators are $1,895 for Model 1G, $1,795 for Model 30G, $1,795 for Model 100G and $1,895 for Model 300G. The Fluke 717 calibrators are $995 for the 1G, 30G, 100G, 300G and 500G models and $1,095 for the 717 1,000G, 1,500G, 3,000G and 5,000G models.

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