Blackmer, a supplier of positive displacement rotary vane, eccentric disc, peristaltic hose and centrifugal pump technologies, announced the addition of the SX3 Series to its line of stainless steel sliding vane pumps. The SX3 Series stationary process pump is ideal for use in the process market on applications such as solvents, chemicals, sulfates, vegetable oils, biodiesel, urea and many acids. The new SX3 is a modified version of the STX3 transport pump, which was originally introduced in 1999 and designed for the transport industry, specifically for corrosive and non-corrosive fluids that were not compatible with cast iron pumps.

The SX3 can be mounted on base plates and includes a single-end shaft. Constructed with 316 stainless steel, the SX3 is designed with external ball bearings, non-metallic Duravanes, PTFE elastomers, and Blackmer chemical mechanical seals. These design features allow for a broad range of chemical compatibility and significantly reduce the possibility of leaks, resulting in costly product loss or clean up.

Blackmer's non-metallic Duravanes allow the SX3 to run dry for short periods of time for self-priming and line stripping, without pump damage. The SX3 is designed to offer easy maintenance with ordinary metric hand tools when required. It also includes an adjustable relief valve.

The SX3 Series Stainless Steel Process Vane Pump is ideal for high capacity process applications between 100 and 250 gpm (22 and 56 m3/h). Offering external bearings, 3-inch weld flanges and chemical compatible Duravanes, the SX3 Series offers low shear, non-pulsing flow and pressure capacities to 125 psi (8.6 bar) with superior vacuum capabilities for self-priming, loading/unloading and line stripping applications.

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