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Spiroflow has recently designed and manufactured a mobile Flexible Screw Conveyor for multiple product applications in the food, chemical, plastics and other industries.

The mobility of this Flexible Screw Conveyor allows the operator to use for diverse applications and different areas of the plant facility. This system design also allows for easy change over, permitting different products to be conveyed using the same conveyor. The system's UHMWPE tube and steel spiral can be disassembled and cleaned with little downtime to reduce product contamination when moving and switching products.

Spiroflow has designed this conveyor with the operator in mind. Many competing mobile conveyors are cumbersome to move. The Spiroflow Flexible Screw Conveyor allows a single attendant to operate the machine.

The conveyor is controlled with an “on-board” control panel that can be pre-programmed. The conveyor, featuring locking swivel wheels for stability, is easy to maneuver, especially in tight facility locations. Spiroflow offers a number of different tube diameters and lengths to accommodate required rates up to 100,000 cubic feet per hour.

The mobile option is favored by many industries including chemical and food where there is often a need for multiple applications.  A USDA Dairy Accepted/3A Authorized model is also available.

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