Monitor Technologies

Monitor Technologies introduced its SafePoint point level sensor that incorporates the patented use of Hall effect technology to continuously monitor it's status and ability to operate reliably. If a fault condition is detected an independent relay changes state to indicate a failure condition.

The SafePoint level sensor is a fail-safe level sensor combining the proven aspects of rotary paddle technology and state-of-the-art Hall effect sensing to reliably detect the presence/absence of process material at the point of installation, as well as to detect electrical and mechanical failure modes that might keep the unit from operating properly.

The SafePoint is a relatively low-cost, fail-safe level sensor at US $300, according to the company. It is designed specifically for applications with powders and other bulk solids, can be provided with approvals for Class I and II hazardous areas and carries CSA (for North America) and ATEX certifications for these environments.

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