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Neodymium 50 Rare Earth magnets are now available in all cartridge-based Magnetic Metal Separation Equipment manufactured by Bunting Magnetics Co. Neodymium 50 magnets were developed following recent advances in refining and fabricating rare earth materials and are the most powerful permanent magnets available in separators. Neo 50 magnets are rated at 50 Megagauss Oersteds, which is a measure of how much magnetic energy the magnets can provide for pull strength and holding power.

Bunting manufactures and distributes extensive lines of both magnetic and electronic separation equipment for the bulk material handling, food, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, plastics processing, recycling, and other industries. All Bunting cartridge-based magnetic separators will now be offered with Neodymium 50 magnets as a high-energy rare earth option. 

The lineup of Bunting Magnetic Separators equipped with cartridge magnets includes everything from individual cartridges and basic grate magnets to magnetic traps for liquids and high-capacity drawer magnets for separating gravity-fed bulk materials. The list also includes Bunting's FF and Low-Profile Drawer Magnets that are widely used with extruding and molding equipment in the plastics industry. All of these separators will be offered with the Neodymium 50 cartridge option, and users of existing models will also have the option of retrofitting their units with the new, more powerful Neo 50 magnetic cartridges.

Bunting's Magnetic Metal Separation Equipment comes in a broad range of models to handle mechanical, gravity, and pneumatic conveying systems. Bunting Separators can be customized by selecting the construction grade, accessories, options, and magnetic materials that are best suited to a given application. The equipment is engineered for trouble-free installation and widely used in many industries. Bunting Magnetic Separators are available with Ceramic, Alnico, and Rare Earth permanent magnets to capture and remove all types of ferrous debris from dry particulates, liquids, and slurries. The new high-energy Neo 50 magnet option will increase separation effectiveness and be a significant advantage in applications where it is appropriate to the level of separation desired.

To see photographs, dimensional drawings, and specifications for Bunting Magnetic Metal Separation Equipment as well as Bunting electronic Metal Detector-Separators, visit the Bunting Web site at www.buntingmagnetics.com. For more information and a FREE copy of Bunting's Magnetic Separation Equipment for the Plastics Industry, Catalog #1102, write Bunting Magnetics Co., 500 S. Spencer Avenue, PO Box 468, Newton, KS 67114-0468, USA; call 1-800-835-2526 (U.S. & Canada) or 1-316-284-2020; or send e-mail to bmc@buntingmagnetics.com.

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