To provide more advanced filtration of pharmaceutical powders, Donaldson® Torit® introduces the new Downflo® Containment System (DCS).  The DCS was designed with input from pharmaceutical manufacturers and independently tested to more effectively remove and contain pharmaceutical powders.

Fully surrogate tested and certified to OEL 3B, DCS is engineered to lower emissions and reduce exposure to potent compounds with a two-stage filtration system, an integrated HEPA BIBO chamber under negative pressure that prevents leakage and unique, positive triple-sealed bag-in/bag-out arrangements. DCS is extremely effective at removing and containing compounds and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API's) of low, intermediate and potent toxicity.

To further reduce operator exposure, the DCS features three hopper discharge options that are now available for contaminant-free docking, undocking and compound transfer: a Product Transfer container with glove ports; a split butterfly valve docking system; and a continuous liner with crimp and cut operations. Custom discharge configurations are also available to meet the needs of most pharmaceutical manufacturing operations.

Leveraging exclusive Downflo Oval filtration technology, the two-stage filtration of the DCS includes a primary filter stage with high efficiency (MERV 13) Ultra-Web® nanofiber cartridge filters exclusively from Donaldson® Torit® and a second filter stage with genuine Torit-Built HEPA filters.

With its ledgeless construction (inside), the DCS can be ordered in all stainless steel or painted mild steel. Standard models handle airflow up to 6,000 cfm, and are engineered to meet class ST2 explosion requirements.

To obtain DCS and Ultra-Web product brochures, contact Donaldson Torit at 800-365-1331 or  Further information on other Donaldson Torit dust, fume & mist collectors can be found at

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