Orange Research

New, low-cost, fixed set-point flow switches from Orange Research are small in size so they can easily be mounted where space is limited. The switches are available with factory-preset flow settings in six convenient steps from 0.1 to 1.5 GPM.
Affordability and small size make the 30000 Series switches attractive for OEM applications where simple flow switch actuation is required. Rugged materials, including solid brass or stainless steel pistons and pressure bodies and stainless steel springs, are used to assure reliable, long-term, high-pressure use up to 1,000 psig where shock and vibration are common.
Designed for in-line use, fluid enters the end connection and pushes against a spring-loaded piston/magnet sensor. As the sensor magnet moves close to a reed switch in response to flow, the switch is actuated at a pre-set flow rate.
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