W.S. Tyler

The new Haver CPA 3-2 RT represents the latest generation of Haver/Tyler CPA technology.  These instruments meet the analysis demands for quick, repeatable and accurate results.   This unit allows for the entire sample to be measured precisely and accurately.  The 3-2 RT model also features a software package that will correlate its measurements to traditional sieving results.

The CPA 3-2 RT is designed for production and process control.  The unit allows the user to measure particles from .1 mm to 12.5 mm or .2 mm to 36 mm.  Each range can be individually calibrated using the supplied calibration frames.  As an in-line unit, it can be interfaced with a plant control system to provide real-time equipment parameter changes based on the size of the product being monitored.  This provides the ultimate in production quality control. 

W.S. Tyler can engineer and design a system package to meet your particle analysis needs.  W.S. Tyler's and Haver & Boecker's Particle Analysis Products are available worldwide.

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