Diamondback Technology

Diamondback Technology's Oscillating Plate Hopper provides reliable hangup-free flow for the most difficult-to-handle materials.

The addition of oscillating plates along key inside surfaces of a hopper reduces a material's arching tendency by a factor of two compared to typical hoppers, allowing materials to discharge without arching through outlets half the normal size requirements. The hopper also produces plug flow or a first-in / first-out flow pattern.

"The Oscillating Plate Hopper is very successful at handling cohesive materials like rolled corn, fly ash, powdered resins and water soluble salts without vibration, prodding or steep hopper angles,” says Lee Dudley, president of Diamondback Technology, Inc.  “In addition, we can reduce equipment costs because the oscillating plate assembly can be custom retrofitted to any existing hopper shape, including conical, chisel, wedge, pyramidal and Diamondback.”

For product and application information contact Diamondback Technology, Inc., 7215 San Gabriel Road, Atascadero, CA 93422.  Telephone (805) 544-3775. E-mail us at info@diamondbacktechnology.com.

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