HC Series Semi-Dense Phase Conveyors from Cyclonaire Corporation offer a new range of high-capacity semi-dense phase pneumatic conveying for single or multiple ingredients. They are designed to handle materials that are abrasive and fluidizable. Standard units have conveying capacities up to 80 tons per hour and more, depending on model and application. HC Conveyors can be used for bulk bag, railcar, and trailer unloading and in-plant transfer. Equipped with optional load cells, HC Conveyors can weigh and batch and provide inventory control.

HC Series Conveyors use only positive air pressure for both vacuum loading and pressurized conveying, and Cyclonaire makes high-efficiency medium-pressure blower packages specifically tailored to the job. A proprietary Cyclonaire venturi assembly creates the vacuum used for loading. In vacuum mode, the conveyor fills its transfer vessel by drawing material from one or more storage silos, hopper-bottom railcars, trailers, or other supply sources. Cycling between loading the transfer vessel and unloading it is automatic. A high-level control senses when the transfer vessel is full and automatically switches to the pressurized discharge mode for conveying material from the vessel to its destination. Integral dust separation minimizes venturi wear.

Side inlet loading is an option for applications with limited headroom. Side inlets reduce both overall and vacuum height and may be located low in the transfer vessel for fine, aeratable materials. Because HC units operate only on positive airflow, there is no need for high-maintenance filtration. Standard automated controls allow for minimal operator supervision. A variety of control options are available that can be integrated into existing plant control platforms.

Conventional conveying systems often have significant problems with particle degradation, abrasion, and system wear when moving abrasive materials like cement. But because of their unique design, Cyclonaire HC Conveyors are inherently superior in handling abrasives. They use 15-psig convey air to move materials at a balanced combination of intermediate line velocities between 2000 and 3000 fpm and high material-to-air ratios to minimize abrasion and optimize efficiency.

Carbon steel transfer vessels are standard. Stainless steel and epoxy coated models are available, as are portable HC Conveyor models and custom-built units. Other options include load cells, multiple inlets, and a butterfly outlet valve.

Cyclonaire is a manufacturer of bulk material handling systems and controls, specializing in pneumatic conveying. The company supplies components as well as complete dilute, dense, and semi-dense phase conveying systems. Its services range from concept engineering and project management through start-up supervision. Industries served include cement, chemical, battery, food, foundry, milling, mineral, railroad, and rubber.

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