A new line of color-coded gaskets (patent pending) for high purity and sanitary hose assemblies that snap right into the fitting and allow for easy product and process identification is being introduced by Integra Companies, Inc. of Devens, Massachusetts.

Integra ColorGrip™ Gaskets feature color-coded support elements for easy process identification and permit controlled compression of the gasket's sealing material when tightening a fitting or applying a thermal load.  Available in 8 colors with USP Class VI EPDM, Viton®/FKM, or platinum cured silicone sealing materials, the color-coded support elements snap onto the flange to assure proper fit and alignment for a leak-free connection.

Allowing for easy product or process segregation, Integra ColorGrip™ Gaskets eliminate or minimize validation requirements since the support elements are not in contact with the product.  Featuring red, blue, yellow, green, black, white, orange, and grey support elements, these color-coded gaskets come in ½” to 2” I.D. sizes (½” and ¾” do not snap onto flange).

Integra ColorGrip™ Gaskets are priced according to size, sealing material, and quantity.  Samples and literature are available upon request.

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