Aspiration Doors have been added as an available option to the Rotex MEGATEX™ Screener to efficiently remove unwanted, light-weight particles that are approximately the same size as the final product. The new doors improve grain quality when screening high volumes of grain and provide aspiration to the product stream to remove troublesome chaff that can contaminate the surrounding environment and clog other pieces of equipment during the load-out process.

With the addition of the Aspiraton Doors, the MEGATEX Screener now aspirates only the cleaned grain fraction, reducing the air requirement and minimizing the trash collected in the filter system.

The Aspiration Doors can be built into a new machine or can be provided as a retrofit upgrade to any of the hundreds of MEGATEX Screeners already being used in the grain market.

The MEGATEX - which screens high volumes of materials that would overwhelm a single conventional screener - is capable of such high volume screening production as: industrial minerals to 200 TPH; grain/agricultural products to 1,200 TPH; dry chemicals from 60 to 100 TPH; particle board furnish to 20 TPH; agricultural chemicals and fertilizers to 150 TPH and plastic pellets from 60 to 300 TPH.

The MEGATEX's unique design evenly splits and distributes the incoming flow of material to multiple, stacked 5" x 7" screen decks - the equivalent of ten screeners in one machine.

With 100 to 350 square feet of screen surface in a compact 10' x 10' x 12' machine, MEGATEX Screeners can do the job of multiple conventional screeners, thus reducing capital outlay and saving considerable installation, operation and floor space costs.

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