Modern Process Equipment Corporation

Modern Process Equipment Corporation has announced the IMD 1052 Gran-U-Lizer™, specifically designed for chemical applications that demand superior size uniformity.   

The design of the IMD 1052 Gran-U-Lizer virtually eliminates unwanted “fines” and provides the most uniform particle size attainable through any milling process.  MPE's continuous “roller-style” grinding method improves yields, reduces waste and, in many cases, eliminates downstream classification systems.  The 1052 has proven to increase production by more than 200% while reducing the production of off-spec material by as much as 60% in select installations.

Materials of construction vary from carbon steel to stainless steel to accommodate corrosion resistance and various levels of contamination requirements.  Common applications include super absorbent chemicals, carbons, silica, hard plastics, petroleum coke and hundreds more.

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