Martin Engineering, the Neponset, Illinois-based supplier of systems to improve bulk materials handling, has introduced the MARTIN® TORNADO Exhaust Valve, a “positive-acting” discharge mechanism that improves the safety and performance of any air cannon system.

Air cannons provide a powerful blast of air to improve the flow of bulk materials through industrial storage and process vessels. Previously, most air cannons were triggered by a pressure drop; that is, the system would discharge when air pressure that held the cannon's discharge port closed was released.

Installed on an air cannon, the patent-pending MARTIN® TORNADO Exhaust Valve fires in response to a positive surge of air pressure sent by a solenoid valve. 

The positive-acting MARTIN® TORNADO Exhaust Valve makes an air cannon system safer for plant personnel. As discharge requires a positive signal, the air cannon will not fire accidentally in response to a drop in line pressure due to a failure in the air supply.

The positive action of the MARTIN® TORNADO Exhaust Valve allows a faster discharge, which amplifies the output to produce up to 20% more force than a standard MARTIN® XHV Air Cannon. In addition, the improved air path of this air cannon system fills the reservoir three to four times faster than standard designs. 

Martin Engineering's BIG BLASTER®  XHV Air Cannons with the new MARTIN®  TORNADO Exhaust Valve are available in 2-, 4-, or  6-inch (51-, 102-, or 152-mm) discharge openings on ten sizes of air tanks. The MARTIN® TORNADO Exhaust Valve is also available as a retrofit kit to upgrade air cannons supplied by any manufacturer.
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