George Fischer

George Fischer Sloane, Inc. has added molded 45° Wye fittings to its popular Fuseal® Polypropylene Corrosive Waste Piping System and Fuseal 25/50™ PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) Corrosive Waste Piping System.  The molded fittings provide smoother transitions with no internal weld beads and shorter lay lengths, offering improved performance and labor-saving installation convenience.
George Fischer's Corrosive Waste Piping Systems feature excellent chemical and physical properties, making them ideal for handling corrosive waste drainage systems where acids, bases and solvents are present.  Typical applications include waste systems found in industrial, institutional, food and beverage, water treatment, and commercial laboratory applications.  These systems, which include a full size range of pipe and fittings, also feature excellent flame retardant capabilities and high strength at elevated temperatures.  The Fuseal Polypropylene System can handle corrosive fluids up to 212°F intermittently while the Fuseal 25/50 PVDF System can handle temperatures up to 280°F intermittently.
The new product offering includes polypropylene & PVDF Double 45° Wyes in sizes 1-½” through 4” and Double Reducing 45° Wyes in sizes 2” x 1-½” through 4” x 3”.  With all-molded construction, the resulting fittings feature an extremely smooth inside diameter without any irregularities, providing a uniform, uninterrupted flow path.  Both fitting materials are available with George Fischer's proven Electrofusion joining method and the polypropylene fittings are available in a Mechanical Joint system as well.
Designed for easier installation, the new “Double” 45° Wye style fitting allows installation of branch connections that are 180° apart to be tied into the vertical stack or horizontal main run at the same intersection.  With the Double Wye single point connection, the need to stack two Wyes and contend with an offset branch connection is eliminated.
The Polypropylene Double 45° Wye and Double Reducing 45° Wye fittings meet the requirements of ASTM F1412 and have UPC, CSA, and NSF-cw approvals. The PVDF offering meets the requirements of ASTM F1673, has UPC approval and meets the 25/50 plenum requirements of UL 972 & NFPA 255 when tested in accordance with ASTM E84. Both styles are in stock and available for immediate delivery.
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