Holz has introduced a new line of slider/impact bars that lead the industry in design, durability, and performance. Holz Rubber Gorilla™ Impact / Slider Bars are built to take the severe stress and impact generated in the transfer area on a conveyor system. The belt contact area is manufactured from premium virgin, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW) providing the lowest coefficient of friction. Virgin UHMW extends the life of the bars and belt. The underlying materials are constructed from a premium grade, 55-durometer rubber and the heaviest aluminum support channel available, providing superior durability and performance. Utilizing Virgin UHMW on the bars provides the most durable friction free surface and does not require additional thicknesses on the bar when reclaimed material is used. The advantages of a superior heavy duty engineered channel design combined with a very resilient rubber will disperse and absorb impact as it is intended in our unique design. Holz Gorilla Bars are tested, proven, competitively priced, and designed for the long haul.

Gorilla Bars work where other bars fall short of your expectations. Available in 48” and 60” lengths, Holz Rubber Gorilla Impact / Slider Bars come complete with mounting hardware, 4-bolt assemblies with the 48” bars and 5 bolt assemblies with the 60” bars.
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