Fuji Electric ultrasonic flow meter boasts broad applicability

Fuji Electric is pleased to announce the release of its new "Duosonics" ultrasonic flow meter.  Duosonics is the world's first non-invasive, clamp-on, ultrasonic flow meter that automatically switches between Pulse Doppler and Transit Time technologies depending on the fluid conditions in the pipe.

The Duosonics can measure anything from ultra-pure water to sludges and slurries.  It can even measure entirely different fluids flowing through the same pipe.  The Duosonics is particularly well-suited for situations with short pipe runs and undeveloped flow.  The Pulse Doppler signal measures the flow when there are suspended solids or when the fluid is "dirty".  The Transit Time signal measures the flow when the fluid is "clean".

The Duosonics excels in applications as varied as Food & Beverage Processing (yogurt, dressing, juice with pulp, sugar liquid, milk), Crude Oil, Wastewater/Sewage Monitoring, Paint, and more.  The non-invasive, clamp-on installation means no contamination, no pressure drop, no system down-time, and no expensive installation work.

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