George Fischer

George Fischer's Signet 2551 Magmeter, an insertion style electro-magnetic flow sensor, has been enhanced to provide increased functionality with  built-in display, empty pipe detection and bi-directional flow capabilities.  These sophisticated  features, combined with its new availability in PVDF/Hastelloy C wetted parts, broaden the unit's capabilities to meet a wide range of application needs.  With no moving parts to wear or foul, the 2551 accurately measures flow in fluids containing a high content of particles, solids and fibers, making it an excellent choice for applications with dirty fluids.
With the new built-in display, the unit provides a convenient, all-in-one, integral device that allows local measurement readings, thus reducing the number of separate components required at the sensing point.   The display indicates flow rate, permanent flow total and resettable flow total in one of six user-selectable languages on an easy-to-read 2 x 16 character dot matrix LCD format. For further flexibility, the unit can be ordered with optional mechanical SPDT or solid state relays for alarm indication or control of valves or pumps.  
The enhanced 2551 also provides an extremely stable output signal, even when exposed to air, and can detect and indicate an empty pipe condition.  An empty pipe is detected by sensing when the electrodes are not completely wetted and indicates the condition with a zero flow signal output.  This feature eliminates the need to perform special plumbing to keep the sensor wet at all times, or the need to re-pipe or re-mount the sensor in another location when fluid is emptied from the pipe ? both valuable time savers in terms of labor and cost.  
For applications where bi-directional flow measurement is required, as in many filter applications, the 2551's new capability to measure flow in both directions becomes particularly important.  Frequency output is bi-directional, while the 4 to 20mA output can be set for single or bi-directional flow.  To retrofit an existing system, the 2551 unit can easily replace a Signet paddlewheel sensor in process as both use the same pipe installation fitting.
The enhanced 2551 Magmeter is now available in a PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) and 
Hastelloy C wetted part configuration.  This material combination broadens the unit's chemical compatibility range to include a variety of highly corrosive applications.  Other material choices include either PP (polypropylene) or PVDF body with stainless steel electrodes.  Typical applications include flow monitoring in a wide range of industries such as water and waste treatment, municipal drinking water, chemical processing, public pools and spas, aquariums, scrubbers, cooling towers, plating, beverage manufacturing and power plants.  
For maximum versatility, users may select from output options including frequency, digital, or 
4-20mA. Customers can connect to other Signet instrumentation via a frequency or digital (S3L) signal output.  Or, the blind 2551 can be connected directly to PLCs and other equipment using the 4 to 20mA output option.  The 2551 Insertion Magmeter can be quickly mounted into pipe sizes ranging from 0.5 to 8.0 inches (DN15 to DN200) using standard Signet installation fittings to ensure proper insertion depth.  Outstanding performance characteristics include a dynamic flow range of 0.15 to 33 ft/s (0.05 to 10 m/s) with repeatability of ±0.5% of reading.  Superior linearity of ±1% reading provides excellent performance in harsh environments.  Additional features include a 2-wire system design that reduces installation costs and an integral grounding ring to assure stable measurement, even in electrically noisy environments. Maximum quality is assured by complete factory testing and a test certificate is supplied with each sensor.
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