Microfluidics Corporation

Microfluidics Corporation, in collaboration with Absolute Control Systems, Inc., introduces a containment isolator for use with its existing line of Microfluidizer® processors. The hermetically sealed, stainless steel containment isolator fully encloses the processor's high-pressure processing area, so it is safe to mix toxic or potent products.

Microfluidizers utilize pressures up to 40,000 psi to process highly stable, immiscible liquid emulsions or solids in liquid suspensions.  Using the highest shear rates available, the processors uniformly reduce particles and droplets to submicron sizes in their patented, fixed-geometry interaction chambers.  At pressures this high, it is important to minimize hazardous product aerosolization in order to ensure the safety of the operator and environment.

The containment isolator features negative-pressure HEPA filtration to prevent material from entering the operator's breathing zone.  Thanks to a special housing unit, operators can safely replace these filters without exposure to the trapped toxic particles.

The containment isolators are available for all Microfluidizer processor models.  Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) is performed at both Microfluidics and Absolute Controls to ensure reliable performance.

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