Dec. 1, 2004
Flexi-valve promises water-tight seal

ISL-USA (the strategic alliance between IEDCO, Industrial Equipment & Design Company, and ISL of the United Kingdom) has released a new Flexi-Valve self sealing cone valve.  The Cone Valve is adept at powder bridging and rat-holing due to its lifting, pulsing cone, which punches through product for effective bridge breaking and discharge, and closes without leakage for effectove valving.

Made of molded natural rubber or EPDM, the new Flexi-Valve has a flexible, feathered edge along the bottom that “self seals” when closed.  This ensures a positive, water-tight seal.  The seal is such that even the finest of powders can not leak through.  The Flexi-Valve can also accommodate minor dents and imperfections in the IBC or discharge hopper.