ASI Instruments

Sept. 30, 2004
Transmitter Measures Level, Position, Distance of Bulk Solids

ASI Instruments introduces the LaserTrak 200 laser transmitter, designed for measuring level and position of bulk solids at distances of up to 200 feet (60 meters). The device allows easy measurement in silos with an internal structure or buildup; measures surfaces at any angle; and provides non-contact, level measurement through obstacles such as protective grids. Because the transmitter uses an extremely small wavelength, it has virtually no beam divergence and can be narrowly focused over long distances.

An advanced timing system and self-correcting signal processing functions allow the transmitter to make accurate and reliable measurements in harsh conditions. Stainless steel dust tubes with built-in purge port prevent dust build-up and protect the optical lens from being coated. The LaserTrak 200 is a stand-alone unit that requires no calibration or special configuration.