Bunting Magnetics

May 1, 2005
Plate magnet line introduced
Bunting Magnetics Co. has updated its Plate Magnet line to achieve superior ferrous metal separation in chutes, spouting, and even suspended applications. Neodymium and Ceramic loads have been redesigned to provide up to three times the gauss and holding force at the magnet surface, while maintaining the same field depth and powerful outreach characteristics. This combination of strong reachout and holding forces enables Bunting Plate Magnets to capture and retain tramp iron and ferrous fines even in dense, high flow rate applications. All units now have completely stainless steel exteriors, and all finish grades are available on all units with all options. A new sanitary hinge design facilitates thorough cleaning: cast stainless steel hinges can be disassembled easily for sanitizing with a pin and circle cotter. Redesigned self-cleaning models feature reinforced stripper plates and optional live 410 stainless steel tapered step poles. Despite improvements, standard units remain competitively priced and are available in three face styles and six strength levels for 10-day delivery within North America.