May 1, 2005
XCE Series Hazardous Duty Synchronous Motors introduced

Superior Electric XCE Series Hazardous Duty Synchronous Motors from Danaher Motion now satisfy ATEX standards for use in potentially explosive atmospheres as defined by CE directive 94/9/EC.  These motors have a flameproof enclosure with a maximum surface temperature of 100ºC, making them ideal for use in surface industries exposed to gasses including hydrogen and acetylene.   Motors are also available in UL-listed versions for use in Class 1, Group D hazardous locations.

Superior Electric synchronous motors are high pole count motors that naturally turn at slower speeds (72 with 60 Hz power, or 60 rpm with 50 Hz power).  They only need a resistor – capacitor (RC) network to operate from single-phase AC utility power.  For loads that operate at 72 RPM or slower, they are very cost effective and simple to use.

Motors are available with rated torques up to 1,500 oz-in, for operation on 120 or 240 VAC, in standard NEMA size 42 or 66 housings.   XCE Series hazardous duty synchronous motors come standard with an integral 10 ft. (3 M) cable.