Sept. 1, 2005
Martin Boco self-adjusting skirting prevents material spillage
MARTIN® BOCO™ Self-Adjusting Skirting, a low-profile system that automatically maintains sealing pressure on conveyor skirtboard to prevent material spillage, is available from Martin Engineering, Neponset, Illinois.MARTIN® BOCO™ Self-Adjusting Skirting is now supplied in a low profile version making it easier to install in tight clearances. While the entire MARTIN® BOCO™ Self-Adjusting Skirting assembly is only six inches (152 mm) tall, the rubber sealing strip still provides a two inch (51 mm)-wear life.MARTIN® BOCO™ Self-Adjusting Skirting floats on the belt, self-adjusting to maintain an effective material seal without maintenance. Supported on pressure arms between steel plates, the system's rubber sealing strip rises and falls with fluctuations in belt travel, automatically maintaining an effective seal as it wears.With the lowest belt edge requirement of any engineered sealing system, MARTIN® BOCO™ Self-Adjusting Skirting provides an effective material seal on conveyors with as little as 1.25 inches (32 mm) of belt outside the chute wall on each side.MARTIN® BOCO™ Rubber Sealing Strip is available in lengths up to 300 feet (91.4 m) for installation as a single continuous strip along each side of the load zone. This eliminates the possibility for material leakage through a joint between two rubber sealing strips. MARTIN® BOCO™ Clamp Assemblies are supplied in convenient 48-inch (1219-mm) lengths, to allow ease of maneuver and installation in tight spaces.