Priority One

Sept. 5, 2006
Priority One announces its continuous conveyor test loop assures risk-free start-ups

Priority One announced its conveyor test loop, a continuous container handling system. Designed to give prospective customers the opportunity to identify the behavior of their specific containers on a variety of conveyor types prior to system design and installation, the test loop is said to help assure risk-free start-ups.

The test loop handles full and empty, round and non-round, stable and unstable containers made of plastic, metal, glass and composite materials at speeds from 100 to more than 1,000 containers per minute. With a combination of table-top and mat-top conveyors as well as tab corners, magnetic corners and dynamic transfer corners, the test loop provides valuable real-world information about container behavior, which helps increase the total efficiency of each container handling system installed.

The system also includes in-line and traditional parallel transfer units, a flow-through accumulation table, a deceleration table and a bi-directional accumulation table. The bi-directional table can be set-up to simulate a depalletizer right angle dynamic transfer—dead plate free—for testing the behavior of unstable containers during depalletizing.

With thorough testing prior to design and installation, the company assures customers that their customized container handling systems will operate efficiently, minimizing jams, bottlenecks, product damage and production line noise levels.