Mass-Vac, Inc.

Nov. 6, 2006
Mass-Vac offers protective vacuum pump inlet traps

MV PosiTrap vacuum inlet traps are designed for vacuum pumps used with analytical instruments, to prevent oil back-streaming as well as protect the fluid from contamination. Employing filter cartridges that are made from molecular sieve, stainless- or copper gauze, and other specialized filter media, they are positively sealed at both ends for complete trapping.

Offered in straight-through or right-angle designs, for easy installation, with termination options that include hose or 25-, 40- or 50-mm KF flanges, the traps are made from stainless steel and come in 4- and 8-in. diameters for pumps up to 25 CFM and 50 CFM, respectively.

Applications include SEMS, mass spectrometers, RGAs and other analytical instruments.