Gough Econ

Jan. 8, 2007
Gough Econ introduces retrofittable, boot-mounted rotary feeders

A line of retrofittable, boot-mounted rotary feeders for existing bucket conveyors and elevators has been introduced by Gough Econ, Inc.

The new boot mounted rotary feeders are easy to install and retrofit on all bucket conveyors from 9 to 48 in. wide to provide a controlled and efficient feed.

According to Gough Econ, this allows a customer to maximize the efficiency of their bulk materials handling process and increase product yields with absolute minimal investment.

The Gough Econ Boot Mounted Rotary Feeders are powered by two vibratory motors mounted directly onto the load unit of existing bucket conveyors and elevators. This assures a controlled, consistent and effective fill and expands the capabilities for both bucket elevators and conveyors.

Designed to transfer the product at a velocity consistent with bucket travel for gentle handling, the bulk material from the vibratory feeders is conveyed onto the bucket elevators and conveyors at a very low level and flow rate using minimal energy. As a result, spillage is mostly eliminated along with the need for dust extraction at the point of load.