Performance Guarantee Available on New Mixer Equipment

March 2, 2009
Marion Mixers offers a Performance Guarantee Certificate with all new equipment

Marion Mixers guarantees that their equipment will perform as specified or the company will invest up to 20 percent of the original purchase price to make it right, according to Doug Grunder, president of Marion Mixer.

Marion Mixers will provide customers of new equipment who participate in all six phases of the development process a Performance Guarantee Certificate. This document certifies Marion’s commitment to meeting or exceeding performance specifications such as:

  • Mix quality and consistency
  • Process cycle time 
  • Production capacity 
  • Horse power utilization 
  • Residual clean-out

This guarantee is Marion Mixer’s written assurance that they have designed and built processing equipment that will perform to specifications. In the event a Performance Guarantee is requested and Marion Mixers is unable to commit due to concerns about the application, they will clearly identify and document all associated risks in their quotation.