Conveyor System Ties Directly Into Existing Plumbing

July 16, 2009
Hapman's SolidQuid Conveyor system ties directly into your existing plumbing and meters in powders / bulk solids.  Your motive liquid flow becomes the vehicle to transport your dry solids as a pre-blended slurry reducing mixing time and increasing the efficiency of your process.  The unique Hapman SolidQuid method of delivery prevents clumping, reduces mixing time, dusting, energy consumption and increases total process efficiency. With no mechanical conveyors, your plant layout considerations can be quickly accommodated by simple adjustments to your plumbing.  Metered accuracy of your product is assured through the use of a Hapman PosiPortion feeder and a Hapman Bulk Bag Unloader further increase efficiency with longer, uninterrupted production runs. Hapman can perform performance testing, in our lab, on your material to further assure your results.  Hapman equipment and systems all come with the Hapman exclusive Performantee!