Bulk Product Separator Makes For Easy Recycling, Disposal

June 10, 2010

The new TASKMASTER PRS (PRODUCT RECOVERY SYSTEM) quickly separates bulk product from packaging, providing an excellent solution for recycling, disposal or reprocessing.

The TASKMASTER PRS combines a powerful TASKMASTER SHREDDER with a unique sifting and scalping system. The product is separated and discharged from one port while containers and packages are transported to a second discharge port. This separating system is perfect for expired or returned products packaged in cardboard, plastic, metal cans, corrugated cartons and more.

The TASKMASTER PRS can separate dry or liquid products from their packaging, allowing the operator to easily recover or dispose of the product. The efficiency of this unit can yield significant cost savings in both waste reduction and labor which can quickly pay for the investment in the equipment.

This system is available in carbon steel construction as well as in stainless steel. An automatic wash system can be provided as an option. The system is quiet in operation and easy to install, use and maintain.