Bulk Bag Unloader Offers Maximum Dust Containment

June 23, 2010

Hapman offers a bulk bag unloader specifically designed to ensure plant and worker safety when processing hazardous powders or bulk solids.

The stainless steel frame of the bulk bag unloader serves as the basis for a number of Hapman options engineered for maximum dust containment.

Operators can easily untie bulk bags or work with smaller bags within a sealed dump box station equipped with viewing ports and heavy-duty gloves that protect against contact with the material. Filtration options up to 1 micron of efficiency are available to capture and confine material within the unit. To further ensure material stays within the process, an integrated bag compactor allows the operator to dispose of minor ingredient bags safely through a pass-through port from the glove box dump station.

Pneumatic agitators assure material flow from the bulk bag unloader while air pads in the hopper assist with product discharge. The unloader is available as hoist and trolley or forklift style.