New Control Package Available For Continuous Bulk Weighing

July 13, 2010

Cardinal’s 825-CBW is a compact control package for continuous weighing of bulk commodities in a shipping or receiving installation featuring customer and product identification, single or multiple loading and ship or receive mode. The control package includes an 825 Spectrum weight indicator, software package designed for continuous bulk weighing and tape printer. The display features include a 640 x 480 pixel color backlit interactive touchscreen LCD, color-coded QWERTY keyboard for data entry and pictorial representation of the bulk weigher, multiple language selection, and gates. In addition, navigation keys combine with intuitive menus for faster setup. Operational features include ship or receive selection, single loading used for setup and loading of only one vehicle, and multiple loading used for setup and loading of unit trains. Another optional feature available are presets, including target weight, draft size or number of drafts, customer identification and next (used when putting in multiple cars).