Flexible Screw Conveyor Processes Sluggish Materials

July 18, 2010

Hapman’s Helix Hi/Lo flexible screw conveyor now features an optional mass-flow hopper that encourages discharge of sluggish or non-free flowing materials without the need for separate in-hopper agitation. The hopper’s steep, conical shape can move challenging materials, such as those with high moisture content.

Optional external vibration can be added to assist with material flow. The Helix Hi/Lo conveyor’s design allows a single worker to safely handle washdowns, auger changeouts and servicing from floor level. An electric actuator automatically lowers the auger to an accessible height. Exclusive T-handle couplings allow disassembly in minutes.

In addition, support framing is angled at 45 degrees -- or diamond shape -- to discourage materials and washwater from settling on the conveyor. Stainless steel is utilized for construction with sanitary or food grade finish. The unit can convey to heights up to 12 feet (3.65 m) and at rates up to 25 cfm.