Grates Protect Against Ferrous Contamination

Nov. 19, 2012
Grates are available in ceramic, rare earth and Xtreme Rare Earth magnet strengths.

Eriez offers ProGrade square, rectangular and round grates to remove ferrous contamination in hoppers, chutes, floor openings and other areas where free flowing materials are present. These magnets are suitable for square, round and odd-shaped processing lines or hoppers.

In operation, the product will flow between the 1-inch diameter tube magnets that are spaced on standard 2-inch tube centers and held rigidly in place. These all-stainless-steel units can be installed by simply placing the grate in the hopper with the ends of the magnetic tubes or tie bars resting against the sides.

The grates are available in ceramic, rare earth and Xtreme Rare Earth magnet strengths, enabling professionals in diverse industries to choose the suitable level of protection for their specific application. Ceramic-powered separators are suitable for removing medium to large tramp metal such as bolts, nuts and hand tools.

Rare earth-powered separators were designed to remove small ferrous contaminants such as pins, staples and clips. Separators powered by Xtreme Rare Earth magnet material can remove weakly magnetic fine ferrous contamination. These magnets feature a neat, uniform glass bead surface finish. Rare earth and Xtreme Rare Earth designs are suitable for temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.