Double Flange Slide Gate Valve Announced

June 3, 2014
Kemutec announces Mucon DSV Double Flange Slide Gate Valve.

Kemutec announced the availability of the Mucon DSV Double Flange Slide Gate Valve for applications requiring a flange connection at the outlet.

The slim, lightweight alloy design of the Mucon DSV features a stainless steel slide gate as standard, anti-tamper locking that allows the user to lock or tag the valve in the closed position and grounding points where static charge can be a problem.  The Mucon DSV is also available with a lightweight pneumatic actuator assembly that can be added as a simple retrofit or removed to return to a basic hand operation.
The Mucon DSV offers a solution for the isolation of gravity-fed, free-flowing powders or granules where frequent operation is not a requirement.