Mettler Toledo 9477 Scale Conveyor/Controller Achieves Fast, Accurate Measurements

Dec. 1, 2017
Mettler Toledo launches updated conveyor scale/controller for logistics and industrial processes.

The Mettler Toledo 9477 scale conveyor is an in-motion scale for weighing large boxes, cartons, cases, bags, sacks and other packages. Its robust frame withstands the impact of heavy items, making it suitable for tough environments and industrial processing conditions. When paired with Mettler Toledo’s IND570dyn terminal, the combined IND9D57 becomes quite powerful for high-speed weighing operations, according to the company.

Two software packages are offered for the IND570dyn controller: Expressweigh, used for weighing random items as in parcel processing, and Expresscheck, which allows rapid over/under checkweighing in applications such as chemical and food and beverage processing. Both packages provide U.S.-approved legal-for-trade performance and can also be used in higher-speed applications of up to 500 feet (or 160 meters)/minute for non-approved applications.

The IND570dyn provides a reliable and flexible interface that can be integrated with a variety of front-end options. Barcode, RFID readers and dimensioning equipment can be added to create complete data sets for weighed items for greater processing speed and ease. 

The integrated solution offers high-throughput unattended operation, an ability to handle a wide range of item shapes and sizes and connectivity to higher-level warehouse management software for reliable reporting. Reject device control, stored targets and easy operator controls round out the package when configured for checkweighing.