Comber Pressofiltro PF series Nutsche Filter-Dryer Features Heel Removal Blow Back System

July 22, 2020
Comber Pressofiltro Agitated Nutsche Filter–Dryer meets stringent guidelines.

The Comber Pressofiltro PF series Nutsche Filter-Dryer is a versatile unit designed for multipurpose pharmaceutical, fine chemical, cannabis and chemical production facilities, to meet the demanding requirements for filtration-separation and drying. These units are designed to meet a wide range of stringent cGMP and FDA guidelines, according to Heinkel.

The vertically reciprocating agitator arms utilize a special tooth design to achieve very low friction into the product when pressing or smoothing the cake layer. Simultaneous rotational and vertical agitator motions result in a very efficient and even mixing of the entire product mass for mixing and drying. The agitator arms are S- shaped for improved product discharge.  All product wetted surfaces and the agitator are heated to obtain the largest possible heat exchange area for short drying times and a low final moisture level. The unit can be equipped with a unique “heel removal system.”

The product is discharged through a hydraulically operated side discharge valve contoured to match the curvature of the vessel internal wall. The solids discharge valve is a metal to metal seal design with the sealing surfaces arranged outside the product flow path, with interchangeable seal rings.

The bottom removal filter plate is offered in two designs which include a bayonet or clamp design. Alternately, the product can be discharged through an active or passive isolator (glove box). On smaller filter units the isolator permits contained sampling, product discharge and heel removal all in one system. For larger filters different heel break-up and heel removal devices are available.