Nov. 23, 2005
Bionomic introduces high-intensity electrostatic precipitator system

Bionomic Industries, Inc., a leading manufacturer of scrubbing equipment and “prepackaged” scrubber systems, has announced availability of their new HEI™ (High Energy Ionizer) Wet Electrostatic Precipitator System for high intensity, low-energy submicron particulate collection.

A major breakthrough in the advancement of state-of-the-art fine particulate control, the HEI™/WESP System incorporates a unique discharge electrode technology that can be sized to specific applications and provides particulate charging fields two to three times stronger than conventional precipitators.  The end result is higher particulate collection efficiencies, reduced precipitator size, and reduced operating cost.

Available in models from 500 scfm-250,000 scfm with larger custom sizes available, the HEI™/WESP is ideal for “Blue Haze” and other difficult to clean gas streams – high moisture content gas streams, high submicron particulate concentration and/or high opacity, aerosol removal, sticky or tenacious gas stream particulate, gas streams at or below adiabatic saturation temperature, or where acid gas plus particulate collection are required.

The system is also available with a patented nonfueling RotaBed™ Precleaning Module for greater particulate reduction and gas absorption prior to HEI/WESP treatment.  Complete engineered solutions including all necessary system components, engineering support, erection supervision, startup assistance, and operator training are also available.