Thomas & Betts

June 19, 2006
Thomas & Betts introduces liquid-tight connectors and conduit

With the introduction of its line of Type A nonmetallic flexible conduit, Thomas & Betts is the first manufacturer to offer a complete selection of both connectors and conduit for flexible, liquid-tight applications.  T&B® Fittings Type A Liquidtight Connectors and Conduit are designed for applications with continuous flexing, vibration and corrosive environments.  Thomas & Betts also is the first manufacturer to offer a nonmetallic Type A fitting. 

“Now that we added Type A conduit to our T&B Fittings line,” said Craig Yoss, senior product manager for Thomas & Betts' Industrial Products Group, “we offer a complete solution for applications that require a flexible connection that is impermeable to fluids.  This nonmetallic liquidtight system is ideal for cable carrier installation, robot assembly, automotive applications, as well as outdoor signs and lighting at more than 1,000 volts.  All of these applications demand a comprehensive line of Type A liquidtight conduit and connectors.”

The conduit is constructed of a flexible PVC cover with a woven nylon web bonded to a smooth and seamless flexible PVC inner core.  In addition to being flame retardant and oil, mild acid and ultraviolet resistant, the nylon mesh-reinforced PVC construction enables the conduit to retain its original shape, even after being compressed.  With no metal core, the conduit resists fatigue from flexing and vibration.

Type A liquidtight conduit is available in sizes from 3/8 inch to two inches, and operates in temperatures ranging from minus 20 C to 60 C. It conforms to UL® Standard ANSI/UL 1660 Type A, CSA 22.2 No. 227.2 Type A and NEC®, article 351, part “B” (ANSI/NFPA-70). 

In addition to Type A liquidtight conduit, T&B® Fittings include a selection of Type A liquidtight connectors.  Each connector is a ferrous construction with a nylon-insulated throat, and includes a Santoprene® sealing gasket with a 316 stainless steel retaining ring that ensure a NEMA LT seal.  NPT hub threads seal in female threads supplied with steel locknuts. 

Thomas & Betts is also the only manufacturer to offer a nonmetallic Type A connector with its 6300 Series straight and 90-degree chemical-resistant thermoplastic liquidtight fitting.
For more information about T&B Fittings Type A Liquidtight Connectors and Conduit, visit or contact your Thomas & Betts sales representative by calling (800) 816-7809.