Garlock Sealing Technologies

July 24, 2006
Garlock Sealing Technologies launches self-loading gasketing material

Garlock Sealing Technologies, a leader in fluid sealing technology for more than 100 years, has launched Multi-Swell, a proprietary new gasketing material from Garlock Sealing Technologies, creates its own load when it comes into contact with oil or water, virtually eliminating the most common cause of gasket failure (low loads). This revolutionary new material performs equally well in oil or water, does not degrade in contact with oils, and adapts easily to all types of flange design, making Multi-Swell an ideal gasket for a broad range of applications –– all at a cost comparable to conventional gasket materials.

Twice as soft as conventional gaskets, Multi-Swell is easy to cut and readily conformable even to irregular flanges, ensuring tight seals with lower loads.

Multi-Swell features extremely high crush strength and can be safely installed in applications that would typically crush elastomeric gaskets. In applications such as transmissions and air conditioning systems where vibration often causes bolt load loss or where load loss occurs because of bolt relaxation, Multi-Swell counters that loss to prevent leakage and weeping. Because it performs well under low load conditions, Multi-Swell can be used with confidence even with plastic or cast iron flanges.

Using Multi-Swell actually reduces the expenses associated with vegetable fiber and cork gaskets. Cork and vegetable fiber gaskets' capillary leak paths require the use of absorbent oil pads, create oil loss and safety issues, and sometimes necessitate expensive water treatment when leakage occurs. The use of Multi-Swell eliminates these associated costs.

Its versatility makes Multi-Swell ideal for applications such as: compressors, pumps, gear boxes, transformers, fuel pumps and cast water flanges.

Multi-Swell can be purchased through an authorized Garlock distributor or visit and go to “Representative Locator” to contact a local Garlock representative. Pricing is available on request.