Flowserve Corp.

Dec. 19, 2006
Flowserve introduces digital valve positioner

Flowserve Corp. launched the Flowserve Logix 3400IQ Foundation Fieldbus digital valve positioner. The 3400IQ features a new FISCO-compliant user interface board, improved potentiometer, piezoelectric technology, and host interoperability to provide operating versatility and fast, easy and accurate calibration.

Compatible with any HART or Foundation Fieldbus distributed control system (DCS), the Logix 3400IQ controls the position of both single- and double-acting valve actuators with linear or rotary mountings. The Logix 3400IQ offers fast commissioning, calibration, tuning and setup in about two minutes from the local user interface. All parameters from the user interface are automatically updated in the Transducer Block, eliminating the need to enter Function Blocks to perform a simple stroke calibration.

Local setup and calibration of the 3400IQ does not require a link to a host controller, PC, or hand-held device. With a low 9 VDC supply current and 45 psi (min.) air supply for any valve/actuator platform, the 3400IQ makes Foundation Fieldbus installation easy and straightforward.

Tuning can be changed on the 3400IQ without re-calibrating the positioner, which saves time and increases ease-of-use. An improved potentiometer allows for wider control of valve position by adding 30 degrees of rotation and code. Self-adjustment from 30 to 130 degrees of rotation and automatic scaling provide accurate, automated positioning with optimal resolution.

The 3400IQ's new driver module takes advantage of piezoelectric technology for low power and air consumption. With only one moving part and proportional valve action — not just on and off — piezoelectric technology gives the 3400IQ reliability, easy assembly, faster response and a compliance voltage below 10 V.

An integral PID block that uses Honeywell control algorithms makes the 3400IQ one of the fastest positioners in the industry. Its fieldbus protocols allow for more intelligence compared with positioners that rely solely on the DCS for PID. The standard model of the Logix 3400IQ features instant messaging, as well as hysteresis, dead band, linearity, and repeatability diagnostics. Advanced models are available with actuator pressure sensors that add friction, diagnostic signatures, restriction in air supply, balance pressure, and fitting leakage diagnostics.