High-Pressure Metering Pump Covers a Wide Range of Applications

Aug. 23, 2007

Watson-Marlow Bredel launched the 520RE high-pressure chemical metering peristaltic pump with pressure capabilities up to 100 psi. The combination of tube elements and pumphead design allows the 520RE to be used in applications requiring accurate metering, dosing and transferring of harsh chemicals, including sodium hypochlorite, ferric chloride, sodium bisulfite, fluoride, carbon and lime slurries, polymers, aqueous ammonia, potassium permanganate and caustic slurries.

The 520 series pump offers flows of 55 GPH at 30 psi to 7 GPH at 100 psi. Said to be reliable, accurate and easy to use, the pump covers a wide range of applications including low shear feed for the contamination-free transfer of acids, bases and slurries found in chemical-based industries.

The company says its pumps contain fluids within the tube at all times, never allowing the fluids to come into contact with the pump mechanism ensuring low shear handling of the fluid. Entrained gas is pumped with ease, plus corrosion and damage is restricted to the consumable tubing element.

The self-priming pumps reportedly accommodate flow rates from 0.1 microliter to 350 gpm and are said to be durable, withstanding pressures up to 232 psi. There are no internal universal joints, valves, dead corners or glands to impede flow and these pumps are reversible for back flushing lines. They can also run dry indefinitely without damage and provide up to a 30' suction lift, according to the company.