Polyethylene Storage and Dispensing Systems and Mobile Lubrication Carts Are Ideal for Caustic Materials

Sept. 10, 2008

The Innovative Fluid Handling (IFH) Group has introduced a range of custom Storage and Dispensing Systems and Mobile Lubrication Carts using the company’s lightweight, economical polyethylene containers. The IFH Storage and Dispensing System provides an easier, safer and cleaner alternative to clumsy, messy and dirty 55-gallon drums, while taking up less floor space.

Systems utilizing the polyethylene containers are ideal for caustic materials that cannot be stored in a traditional steel container, such as herbicides, degreasers, water based products and water treatment chemicals. They are also well-suited for economical operation in smaller lube rooms or for fluids that are infrequently used.

These versatile systems provide environmentally friendly product transfer, with no drum tipping, cleaning and switching and no replacement of drum pumps, no matter what the application. Clearly labeled containers and faucets reduce the chance of the wrong product being used, while drip pans contain spills. IFH’s polyethylene containers are also used in a range of custom mobile lubrication carts. Users can specify the number of containers and their capacity as well as a variety of options such as pumps, hoses, nozzles and different sizes of drip pan cart bases.