Current Diverter Rings Are Corrosion Resistant

July 22, 2009

Inpro/Seal Company introduces its newly developed current diverter ring (CDR) technology. According to the company, VFD-controlled motors produce destructive shaft currents that must be redirected around the bearings; otherwise, unmitigated electrical currents initiated by the VFD and induced by the motor shaft destroy the bearings. The Inpro/Seal CDR safely diverts these currents and saves the motor bearings.

Inpro’s CDR components are developed, engineered, tested and manufactured completely within the Inpro/Seal Company facilities in Rock Island.  They are made from corrosion resistant bronze in any shape or configuration needed by the customer.

The new device will be available as a “press-in,” a “Clip-on,” a “split” configuration or an “MGS” design Inpro/Seal, which prevents contamination from entering the motor bearing enclosure while diverting destructive shaft currents.