Self-Priming Pump Can Handle Harsh Materials

Sept. 29, 2009

The new KNF NF600 self-priming diaphragm pump for dosing or transferring liquids incorporates advanced four-diaphragm technology to promote smoother and continuous flow, low pulsation and vibration, quiet-running performance, and maximized efficiency.  This compact solution (as small as 135mm x 111mm x 105mm) can deliver a nominal flow rate of 6 l/min, suction height of 8.8 in. Hg, and pressure up to 15 psig.  These pumps are well equipped for medical diagnostic analyzers, dialysis liquid circulation, water treatment and analysis, ink-jet printers, and semiconductor operations, among other applications.

NF600 pumps are available in three motor types (AC, brush-commutated DC, or brushless DC) and can provide stable pumping action over a potential service life exceeding 50,000 hours.  The pumps require minimal maintenance and are designed without tubing to eliminate possible pump failure due to tubing fatigue or rupture.  Their corrosion-resistant PP/PVDF/FFPM/PTFE envelope can handle acids, caustics, and other harsh materials.  Highly chemical-resistant versions expand application potential.

Other noteworthy pump features include NFS grade TPF and TP heads and specially engineered anchor valves contributing precision and reliability.  A wide standard range of materials, voltages, and frequencies can be specified and pumps can be easily customized for any application.  Specialized accessories include diaphragm pressure control valves, pulsation dampers, and hoses.